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Photobomb/About a Saturday

Hi there! Saturday again. Time flies so fast these days. Maybe it’s just me growing old, but I can’t really understand how quickly spring just disappeared this year?

I have a complicated relationship with time, or more precisely, a constant fear of waking up in 10 or 15 years only to find out I’ve spent my days on building someone else’s dreams instead of my own. (Yes, I’m born in 1986 in case you wondered what generation I belong to, lol). 

Thus, even though time flew by rapidly this spring, I’ve tried to make it a priority to make my creativity a priority! I’ve tried to combine the best of several worlds: travelling, spending time with family, working out – all while keeping Evert (my Canon EOS1300D) in a steady grip. 

It’s Saturday, but today that means work for me. I’ve got a some catching up to do on ongoing project management, as well as a copywriting deadline coming up. However, before I jump into that, I just wanted to share couple of quick camera moments I’ve captured recently. 

My boyfriend and I went on a short road trip to Jönköping to get a little change of scenery. The weather was ideal for photography: cloudy, lovely and dramatic. 

An anonymous man made my day. Whoever you are: Thanks for crashing and completing this picture! 


I went to Finland in order to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We were just there for a few days, but we managed to squeeze in several long walks in the forests. Fresh air, sunlight +movement =win win! 

There was so many beautiful piles of wood that just popped up here and there when we were out walking. (No. Please don’t ask me what I’m going to do with 3,000  images of woodpiles and trees, but at least they are saved for future generations to look at now). 

The weather was on its best behavior during my travel to Finland. I’m no ferry fan whatsoever, but I have to say that taking the day trip with Viking Line this time was a very unexpected and paradox combination of relaxation and extreme productivity. I love that nowadays, there’s a work lounge/conference area where you can go and actually get stuff done and avoid drunk people. When you’re on a regular trip, drinking and partying is obviously not on the agenda – working is. I’ve complained a lot during the years to Viking Line and suggested they would create something like this, so kudos Viking Line for listening to your customers and improving your services!


May provided Stockholm with lots of heat. One of the evenings however included a magical, soft spring rain! I had to capture what was left of those refreshing water drops on our light bulbs on our balcony.

I’m currently in Strängnäs. Perhaps one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I know. Yesterday’s sunset got caught on camera and I played around with it a little bit, just to increase the more scenic elements of the composition. I really like working with dramatic and cineatic effects and the cloudy skies here certainly provided me with all the raw material needed.

Hope you liked this little photo bomb! Going forward, I’ll try to include more of my photography in this blog as well. 

Now, go have a great weekend, talk to you soon again! 



Fuckups, insights, growth – 2018 in review

You might argue that the last thing the world needs is more blog posts about 2018. I won’t hold that against you. Still, I love to read and take part of other people’s dreams, ambitions, fuckups, lessons… So just when you thought you couldn’t stand one more, sorry, but here it comes –  yet another introspective blog post about 2018. Bon appetite!

First things first: why on earth would anyone share personal things about and around their business? Online? For the whole world, haters, prospects and current clients to see? Isn’t that a bit over the top, you know, acting like an attention whore? That’s of course one way of seeing it. My perspective is quite different.

I believe that by sharing experiences, whether they’ve been good or bad, you’re not only becoming more human in other people’s eyes, this is also an essential step on your own learning curve. It’s easy to celebrate good days. The flow days. Looking into the mirror and dealing with the consequences of your own daily habits is, well, quite different. Much harder, nastier. There’s no place to hide. There’s nothing to do – except looking at the evidence of what’s in front of you, what you created and learn from it.

Secondly, by sharing your experiences you’re also becoming more approachable to people. For me, this is an essential, not to say crucial, part of running a business. Nowadays, as services, products and prices may seem similar, what becomes your USP is YOU. Like it or not, you’ve got to work that to your advantage. All business relations need to start somewhere. And honestly: how many of yours started in a strictly business setting? No? Didn’t think so either. Twitter, Instagram, connecting over silly memes? Probably more like it!

Ok, so now that we’ve got that sorted out, let’s move on and see what went on during my 2018!


2018 – what happened?

In order to understand part of the events, a short recap is a must: during autumn 2017, I had a burnout. While still on sick leave in the beginning of 2018 I decided to quit my job. I had a good corporate position, but it was in what unfortunately had become an unhealthy work environment. Although there was a lot of anxiety, thoughts and “what if’s” involved prior to making the final decision, I just knew there was no going back for me. I was done with that part of my life.

And so I resigned during sick leave. I would definitely not recommend anyone to copy this concept of mine, as it certainly adds to your blood pressure and stress levels. However, sometimes you’ve just got to jump to move on. I chose to jump this year.

I’ve rehabilitated and worked hard on rebuilding both my mental and physical strength again after my burnout. Needless to say – this is not a process which you can put a beginning or and end to. It just is what it is. For me, an important part of my rehabilitation is not having to hide it. I’ve had my burnout. It was bad. It will forever be a part of me, but I’ve moved on. I am still actively moving on everyday by making small, sometimes tiny, steps and changes forward into a new direction.

2018 was also the year when I acted upon an old dream of mine and started my own business as a communications consultant.


  • “This too shall pass” will sometimes be exactly what gets you through the day
  • I still suck at simply asking for help
  • Complete honesty is a scary, risky, yet also one of the most rewarding business tools


2018 – what about the goals then?

  • Attend a “start your own business” course, then register and start my own company
  • Create a new communications platform for myself as a business owner – check!
  • Rehabilitate myself back to “work mode” by Q4/2018 – check!
  • Extend my network and preferably also make sure it includes new and/or different sectors than just the “ordinary” communications/pr/finance crowd that’s already in it – check!
  • Writing – this was really a topic of its own (which I will get back to later on) but in short, my writing goals looked liked this:
    -start blogging again – check!
    -contribute as a writer for an external website as well – check!
    -regarding topics: stay my own lane, even if it would be very uncomfortable on certain days, also dare to share personal things in order to grow as a person – check!
    -focus on finding interesting and developing writing assignments for Ambaurora – check!
    -attend and complete a screen writing course for the pure fun of it – check!
  • Photography:
    -buy a “real” camera – check!
    -leave for a week’s photography travel – check!
    -receive my first revenues as a photographer through iStock and Printlercheck!

Pure photography assignments is currently not something I’m offering within the scope of Ambaurora’s service. However, as I’m a keen photographer, I think of photography as a way of slowly creating sort of a “passive income” revenue stream for myself. During my spare time, I’m often out capturing shots and as the raw material needed is already there for me to work with, the next step to start selling images is not that far away.


Fuckups and lessons learned

  • Challenging my comfort zone is still a necessary evil. Note to self 2019 though: think about when and where I choose to do this. Not everyone will get it and yes, I’ll most likely be perceived as a weirdo a lot of times during next year as well. Be prepared to deal with those emotions.
  • Numbers aren’t my favourite thing. Leave it to my CFO. No “challenging” myself regarding this area. Just stay away and let the professionals handle it.
  • Trying to do everything at once: resign, mess with Försäkringskassan, start your business while in the middle of exhaustion, going through therapy. Yey! We’re gonna party like it’s ya’ birthday….! 2019 will be all about doing ONE THING AT A TIME.
  • Therapy – feels like a huge cost but when you start perceiving the effects from it it will still be the best investment you ever made

I will stop here for today. However, if you’re into goal-setting and planning your year ahead in a structured way as well – stay tuned, as my next post will be about setting goals for 2019!