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Photobomb/About a Saturday

Hi there! Saturday again. Time flies so fast these days. Maybe it’s just me growing old, but I can’t really understand how quickly spring just disappeared this year?

I have a complicated relationship with time, or more precisely, a constant fear of waking up in 10 or 15 years only to find out I’ve spent my days on building someone else’s dreams instead of my own. (Yes, I’m born in 1986 in case you wondered what generation I belong to, lol). 

Thus, even though time flew by rapidly this spring, I’ve tried to make it a priority to make my creativity a priority! I’ve tried to combine the best of several worlds: travelling, spending time with family, working out – all while keeping Evert (my Canon EOS1300D) in a steady grip. 

It’s Saturday, but today that means work for me. I’ve got a some catching up to do on ongoing project management, as well as a copywriting deadline coming up. However, before I jump into that, I just wanted to share couple of quick camera moments I’ve captured recently. 

My boyfriend and I went on a short road trip to Jönköping to get a little change of scenery. The weather was ideal for photography: cloudy, lovely and dramatic. 

An anonymous man made my day. Whoever you are: Thanks for crashing and completing this picture! 


I went to Finland in order to celebrate my sister’s birthday. We were just there for a few days, but we managed to squeeze in several long walks in the forests. Fresh air, sunlight +movement =win win! 

There was so many beautiful piles of wood that just popped up here and there when we were out walking. (No. Please don’t ask me what I’m going to do with 3,000  images of woodpiles and trees, but at least they are saved for future generations to look at now). 

The weather was on its best behavior during my travel to Finland. I’m no ferry fan whatsoever, but I have to say that taking the day trip with Viking Line this time was a very unexpected and paradox combination of relaxation and extreme productivity. I love that nowadays, there’s a work lounge/conference area where you can go and actually get stuff done and avoid drunk people. When you’re on a regular trip, drinking and partying is obviously not on the agenda – working is. I’ve complained a lot during the years to Viking Line and suggested they would create something like this, so kudos Viking Line for listening to your customers and improving your services!


May provided Stockholm with lots of heat. One of the evenings however included a magical, soft spring rain! I had to capture what was left of those refreshing water drops on our light bulbs on our balcony.

I’m currently in Strängnäs. Perhaps one of the most beautiful and peaceful places I know. Yesterday’s sunset got caught on camera and I played around with it a little bit, just to increase the more scenic elements of the composition. I really like working with dramatic and cineatic effects and the cloudy skies here certainly provided me with all the raw material needed.

Hope you liked this little photo bomb! Going forward, I’ll try to include more of my photography in this blog as well. 

Now, go have a great weekend, talk to you soon again! 



Real life business vs the business plan

Hi there! It’s certainly been a while since this blog got a proper update. Fear not though: the blog hasn’t been forgotten. The non existing updates have mainly been due to a combination of that so called work life and a heavy writer’s block (caused by no time for reflection). Writing for a living comes with its ups and downs. Up: it’s fantastic. It’s creative. It’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing and now I’m doing it. It’s very rewarding, developing and fulfilling to see one’s work come to live in front of you. On the downside: you put all of your heart and best efforts (obviously) into your client’s needs and desires and products. And then when you’re done with that, you notice everything else that’s been going on in the world while you were busy working. You look at your perfect business plan and all the actions you were supposed to take, such as for example keep your blog updated with relevant content. (After all, people might be looking at your website so it’s probably a great idea to also practice what you preach).

You look at all the crises you could have approached and written an in-depth and interesting analysis about, only to face the fact that still, you didn’t and besides, 50 thousand other people already commented on it so you realize that you just have to let that one go. On the other hand: once you’ve settled in that good old ”feeling the imposter syndrome again” and calmed down a bit, you’ll also realize that delivering value to your clients and focusing on your real life business obviously is exactly what you’re supposed to do and what you’ve done. And that once those new experiences and lessons learned during the projects have been processed properly by your brain, they will most likely be able to translate into something more valueable to share with the world. You know, more than just posting updates of your morning coffee in order to maintain some sort of content stream on Instagram.

Are you with me? Well. This is pretty much where I’m at right now. Working. While pondering, reflecting and processing all the things I’m not writing about. (Oh the irony!). I’m lucky to be working on a couple of really fun and challenging projects. I can feel that I’m growing and evolving almost every day, but yet at what I consider to be a managable level. Still not gonna lie to you though, not being able to maintain this blog updated will always be a guilty conscience for me. Plus, I don’t want to get caught up in ”only” writing for business. I need these tiny, personal updates every now and then as well. If nothing else, just to have a little check in with myself and see what’s going on.  

So here’s to this Thursday and one of these tiny updates 😉

I’ll be back.