My business idea is simple: I want to offer my consultancy services within writing and communications. My value proposition to you as a client is to always execute the assignment with genuine engagement and honesty, as well as with a high level of performance. I’m currently based in Stockholm, but my mind’s always global.


When should you contact me?
Get in touch with me when you’ve had enough of mainstream texts, so well adapted to each and everyone that they do not really stir up any emotion in anyone anymore. Get in touch with me when you’ve had it with communicating as anxiously as everyone else and you are ready for a change! Get in touch with me when you’ve understood that no, not everyone is a communicator today, just because publishing has been available to all of us.

Contact me when you need well-written texts, for example:

  • press releases
  • blog posts
  • communications material for your social media channels – I’m also able to support you temporarily as editor/content manager in case of staff crisis
  • internal communications material: articles, updates for intranet, employee interviews and so on
  • customer communication
  • selling newsletters
  • speeeches or various ghost written material
  • copywriting
  • understandable product sheets, manuals, instructions, and so on

I can also help you with proof-reading, editing, providing a second opinion on your existing material or with translations from Swedish to English/English to Swedish.

tjänster services

I also take on carefully selected assignments within communications, for example:

  • advisory services and coaching within areas where I asses that my competence can contribute and help you and your organisation
  • project management – clearly defined and time-limited assignments

Just like you, I know that theory and practice often differ a lot when it comes to working within the communications industry. It’s not always a given that what you need help with will always be easy to point out and define, or even summarise in a bullet list like above. So in case you’re even the least hesitant – please don’t be. Feel free to get in touch for a discussion! The easiest way to get hold of me is to email me on