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Photo: black and white image of computers, mobile and cameraFor journalists
First things first: I’m not (and will never be) one of those communicators calling, chasing to see whether you’ve read a press release or not. It’s against my principles and I abstain from working like that. However, I have a deep interest in journalism and I care deeply about free and qualitative press. Thus, when I’m able to contribute and help out for example by providing relevant information on topics or perhaps help out with contacts, I’m happy to do that.

Please feel free to email me on if you would like to get in touch.

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Industry partners and collaborations
Are you within the communications industry too, or perhaps an entrepreneur in some other near-by field? Curious about collaborating?

I’m always keeping my eyes open for interesting and unexpected collaboration opportunities or creative projects! If you’re intelligent, competent and got a great idea I should know about, please feel free to get in touch on or connect with me on Linkedin.