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W.33/2019: Vacation blues, binaural beats & a movie premiere

How’s your getting back to work/routines-routines going so far? Over here, well, perhaps not exactly as I had pictured it. I hate the expression babysteps. Yet, I have to admit that’s what I’ve spent part of my week doing. Two steps forward, three steps back…  Having had three extremely well needed vacations weeks myself, most of them spent offline, getting back to work, routines and that dear old digital life again this week has been…well, eh, not so smooth!

Shifting between work tasks, locations and different types of work flows has always been hard for me. Since as long as I can remember, I’ve always prefered an uninterrupted amount of work hours, preferably DAYS, if I get to choose. However, that’s not always the case and this week indeed turned out to include both some rapid changes from my customers as well as unexpected drama in my private life.

Thus, today’s Thursday and I’ve intended to sit down and put down a couple of lines since Monday but just haven’t gotten to it. What I have been doing though is to feel like I’m all over the place – and when not all over the place on the go somewhere or running to catch a train or metro.

Also, I’ve been very restless. Restless and bored at the same time. I think that must be my signature feeling? Although, I do know why the feeling evolve and what I need to do to handle it. It takes time but I’m learning to sit with it. To stick with it. To wait it out. I’m working on telling myself that everything does not need to be either 180 % or then there’s just 0 %, but this is still hard for me. Splitting up tasks day by day is of course something I do, but I always have to calm my brain and try to avoid to chew all of the pieces at once.

Anyways, enough about that. I’ve made it through the week so far, even if it’s been a slow start. Today I took the train back to Stockholm and hallelujah, I feel like I finally got the hang off things again! Mostly thanks to dusting off my old new age/brainwashing playlist with binaural beats, that is: gamma brainwaves. I’m aware that it might sound like complete rubbish, but let me testify that once (if) you can only get over the initial, creepy feeling of getting brainwashed, this playlist really does the trick to calm and focus an overactive, overreacting brain.

Thanks to this playlist, I was finally able to pull my focus together. Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of productive hours now before I head of to the screening of my friend Mike’s new movie, which premieres tonight. I’ve been involved in the screenwriting process by proofreading and providing advice on how to develop the script further, so now I’m excited to take a look at the results!




1st year in business

It’s soon been a year since Ambaurora Communications was registered and I completely changed the direction of my working life. From life crising chaos to some sort of clarity and direction – here’s why I did it (and what the transition has done for my life quality).

My friend P has lots of qualities.

Shutting her mouth isn’t one of them.

Thus, when I was about to start working in the same company that I had been consulting for (through the agency that was my employer back then), she said: ”You’re extremely good at what you do. Why don’t you just start consulting on your own instead?”.

The thought had crossed my mind several times, but I always managed to come up with excuses for myself: ”I don’t have enough money”, ”I’m not so fond of the people pleasing and oozing and smooshing that comes with it, I don’t know if I can deal with those parts of consulting”,  ”I’ve struggled so hard to achieve my current title, who would I even be if I started from scratch all over again?”. As you probably figured out, there was really no ending to my excuses.

So I continued on the path I was on. I changed from PR Consultant at the PR bureau to a role as Communications Manager at a listed company.

And it was fun!

Parts of the job really included everything that made me tick: tight deadlines, lots of adrenaline and pulse, a tight and fun team where I was fortunate to work closely with both management and the board of directors. It might perhaps not seem like such a big deal, so to understand it, you might have to add to the equation the small town, Jakobstad, where I grew up.

Things are changing over there now, but when I grew up, working within communications and large listed companies weren’t even on the map. It just wasn’t. f you were female and lived in Jakobstad, instead you were most likely to end up working as a cashier or customer advisor at your local bank, or perhaps work at a boutique or clothing store. This is of course not the truth about Ostrobothia and Jakobstad, but to the younger version of myself, back in the days: these seemed to be the only options if you stayed.

I still remember the day when I moved to Stockholm. It was a professional milestone for me.

For the first time in my life I was now able to conduct work and speak my own mother tongue! Had I kept living and working in Finland, I would have been forced to continue being someone else. (Or at least that’s what it feels like when you’re a Finnish Swede forced to speak Finnish at work). It’s just not the same thing and while working in Helsinki, I always felt as if half of my personality went missing everytime I tried to make myself understood in Finnish at work. That is: every day.

That was a little throwback. Now we’re going to jump back into 2017 again. So there I was then. Thriving at my new work, although 2013-2017 had been rough years for me. I had struggled to get my degree while still working 40 percent, I had broken up from a long relationship, moved into a new apartment, gotten the job at the PR bureau and so on. Quite a lot of changes. Positive changes, but still they take their toll on you.

More and more often, I found myself fantasizing about another kind of work life. Yet, I felt ashamed for doing it. I felt stupid. Why on earth had I been working so hard for what I had back then only to realize it no longer appealed to me? I didn’t know.

Then – very long story short as I’ve written about it before – things got really bad at work. I found myself in a situation I could no longer turn a blind eye to, got burnt out and whether I wanted or not, I realized I was actually sick.

I needed a break.

During this time not only was I forced to rest and start rebuilding my body and soul again, I also had to go through that soul searching hell that comes with that kind of crisis.


Who was I? No fucking clue anymore without my title. Outside of work – what did I like to do? No one knew, turned out that I had not been doing anything else lately.

What did I feel like doing? Nothing. Unless you count staring into the ceiling or watching old episodes of Melrose Place (they just don’t make great, crappy tv like that anymore!).

In order to make this post bearable for you, I will fast forward some processes for you here and get to the part where I decided to quit my job as communications manager.

And yup. I was crazy enough to do it while I was too sick to either think or work. Please note: I’m not writing this in order to include it as some pathetic ”strategic communication” part of the story. This just happened to be the way it turned out for me. I believe life does this for you. There’s signs and possibilities everywhere, but you must also act upon them. You must shut down all of those internal “what if” and “but wait a minute…” that you love to comfort yourself with. They are not going to get you anywhere.

Headhunters started to get in touch with me. I should have been flattered but all I felt was panic. All I knew was that I simply could not see myself going back to a corporate environment. At least not as an employee. I did not know how to dream anymore at this point of my life, but if I could have done it I guess I would have dreamed about freedom and some sort of balanced control in my life. I would have dreamed about bouncing back again and being able to feel happiness and professional fulfillment.

I didn’t know how to dream so I went for a more practical route instead. Took a course on how to get started with your own business, got the paperwork done. Then I panicked when I realized what I had just done. Then I panicked a bit more when I realized I was not well enough to get started as soon as I would have hoped.

Thus, even though I formally got my company started last spring, it would take until the end of the year until I started to be in shape to kick things off and get going as I wanted to. (Not that I did not work during the time i between, cause boy, has there been work to be done!).


Shitty strategies and USP’s – lessons learned

How to find clients

I’m still a newbie in this game, so I’m not going to take on any role of a business coach here, but at least I’ve learned one thing for certain: my way of getting customers differs a lot from the ”traditional” kind of way.

Sure, just like anyone else, I’ve got this site you’re currently visiting so you can find further information (if that’s what makes you tick). I also keep several social media accounts and hold myself accountable for also posting on these on a regular basis. Not to mention that I want to interact with others in these channels too.  However, getting clients has typically happened through the most strange and spontaneous meetings in the most unexpected environments! Sure, I’ve done my share of email pitching as well – and actually gotten results – but one of the biggest lessons for me has undoubtedly been that I must relearn to trust myself. I must learn to have faith in the fact that my weird personality combined with my professional experience is actually my strongest USP. Not trying to produce lame, clean cut mainstream posts that fits into society’s norms.

Perhaps you’ve also always felt like you don’t fit in? Perhaps you’ve also always been told that you’re too much and that you want to much and that you should have lower ambitions?  Too driven and yada, yada, yada. Even though you might have a thick skin, hearing this all of the time – whether applicable or not or just coming from someone jealous – in the end it gets to you of course.

It got to me too. And so during my first year, I’ve done my share of trying out different strategies. Both IRL and online. Needless to say: trying to enter into some “neutral business version” of yourself is a shitty strategy. Don’t waste your time on it. My advice to both you and myself for that matter, would have to be to stop taking yourself so damn seriously.

Take your work seriously and make sure you deliver on time. Forget about trying to fit yourself into some well thought out business costume or persone. You already know the answer: you’re too much of a human for it. It won’t fit.


You will be too much for some of your friends and co-workers

Sadly, your first year in business will also have some people come clean. Even though you will be struggling and there won’t be so much for your peers to be jealous about in the beginning, jealousy will arise. Isn’t it funny how people these days love to like, love and comments famous entrepreneurs post and initiatives? In reality, your changed career path will be too much for some of the persons you might have considered friend or at least industry connections. The good ones will stay. The bad ones will find you embarrassing to deal with and try to pretend they don’t know you anymore. You can not count on their support.

But on the other hand…


The Law of Attraction effect

Changing my career while also working hard on changing and improving my own mindset has brought amazing people into my life this year. Daring to post uncomfortable texts, posts and updates has given me an even thicker skin and helped me sort out my own way forward. I know it sounds like the oldest cliché in the world, and you might not feel like it at all, but please try to give this “trust the process” thing a go.


Which leads me to the next lesson:


Keep going (especially when you feel silly)

I feel silly most of the time. I may be recovered physically from my burnout, but the emotional scars are still there. Ready to bleed at the most inconvenient times. This is however not a rational feeling.

The rational, professional part of myself already knows this. But I believe we have to tell ourselves to keep going at least maybe 100-150 times per week.

For example: I got my first paycheck as a writer when I was 13. I’m 32 now and every time I hit a “publish” button on the web, I still have to fight my urge to run into the closet and hide. This is not a rational behaviour, but who said humans are rational? I try to battle back.

So I keep going.

The good part? Every time you conquer yourself, there will be results. It may not look like you intended it too. That blog post you wrote may turn out completely different from that perfect image you had of it. Still: you wrote it. It might not be trending this instant, but perhaps within six months, your post might be exactly what someone else needed to read and provide you with an unexpected business opportunity.

In the end, it’s just like a workout. The ones that matter are the ones that get done. Simple as that.






Track your time

At some point on, you will of course feel the imposter syndrome creep up on you. You’ll feel lost as if you’re just pretending to “play business”, especially when working on the more creative parts of your business. Use Toggle to track your time!

Not only will you see that you’re not at all playing around, but you’ll also get a realistic grip on how much time certain tasks do require. This will give you an advantage when you prepare your tenders and you’re able to set your rates and calculate hours in a more business focused way.

Remember and repeat – it’s your business. Not a hobby project.




What about that life quality I mentioned in the beginning then? Well, thank you for asking. I used to live in order to work. Nowadays, I actually have a life too. It’s worth mentioning here as I’m by no means the only one suffering and recovering from a burnout.

With regards to recovery and coping strategies, those are a chapter of themselves, but somehow I’ve slowly, slowly managed to experiment and find a work rhythm that works for me. Turns out, I do some of my best work on Saturdays or Sundays, which no longer needs to be an issue as I can plan my workload in accordance with my natural rhythm. Mondays are no longer anxiety for me as I’m not forced to sit through painful meetings and have no control over my work week. Instead, I prefer to start my week by having a slow Monday.

I find that this is what works best for me. Enough sleep, a sweaty workout at the gym or a long walk to get fresh air and circulate my creativity – these are typically the elements that I like to include on a Monday morning. It does not necessarily mean that I will be slow-tuning all day, on the contrary. But relieving my brain from all the unspoken and invisible requirements of how a Monday is ”supposed” to get started, that I used to have in a corporate environment, has truly worked wonders for my productivity and overall wellbeing.

I might just call P someday and tell her she was right.



Real life business vs the business plan

Hi there! It’s certainly been a while since this blog got a proper update. Fear not though: the blog hasn’t been forgotten. The non existing updates have mainly been due to a combination of that so called work life and a heavy writer’s block (caused by no time for reflection). Writing for a living comes with its ups and downs. Up: it’s fantastic. It’s creative. It’s what I’ve always dreamed of doing and now I’m doing it. It’s very rewarding, developing and fulfilling to see one’s work come to live in front of you. On the downside: you put all of your heart and best efforts (obviously) into your client’s needs and desires and products. And then when you’re done with that, you notice everything else that’s been going on in the world while you were busy working. You look at your perfect business plan and all the actions you were supposed to take, such as for example keep your blog updated with relevant content. (After all, people might be looking at your website so it’s probably a great idea to also practice what you preach).

You look at all the crises you could have approached and written an in-depth and interesting analysis about, only to face the fact that still, you didn’t and besides, 50 thousand other people already commented on it so you realize that you just have to let that one go. On the other hand: once you’ve settled in that good old ”feeling the imposter syndrome again” and calmed down a bit, you’ll also realize that delivering value to your clients and focusing on your real life business obviously is exactly what you’re supposed to do and what you’ve done. And that once those new experiences and lessons learned during the projects have been processed properly by your brain, they will most likely be able to translate into something more valueable to share with the world. You know, more than just posting updates of your morning coffee in order to maintain some sort of content stream on Instagram.

Are you with me? Well. This is pretty much where I’m at right now. Working. While pondering, reflecting and processing all the things I’m not writing about. (Oh the irony!). I’m lucky to be working on a couple of really fun and challenging projects. I can feel that I’m growing and evolving almost every day, but yet at what I consider to be a managable level. Still not gonna lie to you though, not being able to maintain this blog updated will always be a guilty conscience for me. Plus, I don’t want to get caught up in ”only” writing for business. I need these tiny, personal updates every now and then as well. If nothing else, just to have a little check in with myself and see what’s going on.  

So here’s to this Thursday and one of these tiny updates 😉

I’ll be back.




”You’re never gonna feel like it”

I’m no huge fan of inspirational speeches. The cynic in me often find them either too general or just extremely naive. However, for whatever the reason: I tend to make some weird exception for Mel Robbins. In case you’ve missed it and are in a state of January procastination right now, watch Mel’s talk on ”How to stop screwing yourself over”! Even though I’ve already watched it, I like to get back to this session and remind myself of the fact that motivation only takes us so far.

At the end of the day – discipline is truly what matters. Being a highly sensitive person is often an advantage to me. Except when it comes to discipline on those difficult, unfocused days that I go through too. I’m constantly working on learning to close down my feelings when it comes to pure execution. Constantly working on that old Nike thing and just ’doing it.

Don’t get me wrong: I get a lot of things done. I am doer, without a doubt. It’s just that my own internal working process is probably so much harder than it would need to be sometimes, due to all of the introspection and analyzing my brain loves to dive into if not restricted!

Today has however been a splendid Saturday. I got up early to deliver on a deadline without any overanalyzing whatsoever and all of a sudden I found myself in that fantastic state of mind when both productivity and creativity flows! I love those days. I was done with my articles rather quickly, then enjoyed some time to summarize  thoughts from a meeting earlier this week and circle back to a contact as promised. I’ve also had time to tick of both a meeting and a webinar from my to do-list, thus I have to say it’s been a great working day.

I have yet to get back to my promised blog post about goals for 2019, but in case you wonder about this pretty random blog post: writing and updating more spontaneously this year will definitely be among my goals!

Initially when I started to blog again, I was very much influenced by my previous working position and sort of lost in my old way of ”corporate thinking”. I had some grand idea that this would indeed be an extremely professional blog – just pure communication topics and professional matters. I guess it’s easy for all of us to fall into that trap, however, having had some time to reflect and evaluate, I realised that I will indeed be making some changes here! I will still strive for writing posts on interesting matters within media, communications and writing. But in order to keep up my own spirit and drive to do that, I can’t be deadly serious/on professional call 24/7. It’s just not who I am or how I typically behave.

I don’t want to turn this blog into a collection of anonymous articles and updates without a soul. Thus, this year I’ll also allow myself creative times to just post spontaneously about a bit broader scope. Hope you’ll still like it here and whether it’s big or small ideas: do let me know if you’ve got any wishes or suggestions for future blog topics. Just drop me a note: and I’ll see what I can do!






Breakfast seminar: Digital trends 2019

Constantly learning new things is something I continuously strive to do. Luckily, here in Stockholm there’s always numerous events and breakfast seminars you can sign up for. This morning I visited a breakfast seminar at digital bureau Cloud Nine which focused on the the digital trends that will affect us in 2019.

Cloud Nine’s David Aler took us through a very interesting and fun seminar. Without further delays, let’s dive straight into some of the trends mentioned and the key takeaways to bare in mind this year!


Trends – key takeaways

Trend – Subscription on demand
This trend should of course not come as a surprise to anyone, but our behavior of paying monthly for the subscriptions we like to have (Netflix, Spotify et cetera) still remain strong. This is mainly driven by our need for convenience. There’s also an increasing number of personalized subscription services, here in Sweden services as Linas matkasse or Glossybox are typical examples of this trend.

Also: it looks like we’ve got some good news for the newspaper industry as well, as David mentioned that between 2017-2018, the number of digital newspapersubscriptions almost trippled.


Trend – IoT and GDPR

I know – I’m tired of hearing IoT and GDPR too! However, we’ll just have to get used to it, as there are still lots of practical (not to mention ethical!) questions popping up as the IoT trend continues to evolve. All the data sharing – Google and Mastercard anyone? – that takes place can of course be scary as we as users and individuals loose control of a lot of integrity aspects, but it should also be pointed out that IoT also brings us useful products.

Did you for example know that nowadays there’s such a thing as smart diapers as well? Let’s not get into more details about diapers in this blog than we need to (!) but in short: this diaper senses when the diaper is done with its mission and then gives an indication so that the parents know what they need to do…

Previously, we’ve spoken about IoT as in ”Internet of things”. In the future, a more realistic scenario is that we’ll use ”The intelligence of things” instead, as AI is integrated into the calculation as well.


How to handle….

So how do you handle these trends then? Especially as some of them might indeed be tricky to keep up with, given the rapid technological development. David shared some tips on this too:

Trend: Data

– Be transparent with how you’re handling your customer data. An interesting case here is H&M and how they’re currently adapting their stores locally by using big data
– Show the customer that the customer gains more on his/her data than your company does
– Cut down – don’t collect more data than you actually need
– Fix your forms now (GDPR is coming for ya….)


Trend: Voice search is increasing

Whether or not you have started to use voice search, you’ll have to be prepared as your stakeholders soon will be using it. Here’s some practical things to think about when you write for your web or app:

-Write your preambles as if they were ”featured snippets” (position zero)
-29 words or less are common answers to voice searches
-Bullet lists and structured content = exceptionally good
-Think about the difference between spoken and written language

Last but not least, some candy for all you fellow aesthetic nerds out there – Pantone 16-1546 TCX! Yup. This is the color of 2019 according to Pantone. Google it and let this beautiful coral red tone seduce your senses for a while before you head back to work 😉




Print is dead. Long live print!

Print is dead. Media is dead. Journalism is dead. Nobody reads printed editions anymore. Right? Or is it really that bad? Perhaps not! This morning I visited a breakfast seminar which certainly awoke some hope for a brighter future for print products.

Photo: black and white product images of the magazine "Försvarets forum"

Despite the strong photograph on the cover of the magazine, it’s the typography that first caught my eyes. It’s delicious – functional with great readability, yet so attractive, soft and inviting. Simply irresistible. Oh, by the way. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, perhaps now would be a good time to add that both typography and graphic design are old and nerdy interests of mine. Thus the strong need to dive into these kind of details.

Having cleared that out, let’s get back to where we were. Swedish content agency Make your mark and their client Försvarsmakten have been nominated in The International Content Marketing Awards (CMA) for their staff magazine “Försvarets forum”. This is the third consecutive year in that the magazine has been nominated in the CMA.  

Photo: color image, close-up of the magazine "Försvarets forum"

On a breakfast seminar this morning, Editor-in-chief Fredrik Helmertz and Art Director Markus Hillborg talked about the working process behind the magazine. It’s been a long time since I last felt so eager and inspired as I did after this seminar! Few things are as interesting and amazing (if you ask me) as when you manage to combine great journalism with well thought through communication initiatives, graphic design and photography. And talking about photography: Fredrik Helmertz also touched upon the subject of newspaper photographers during this morning session. Needless to say, working conditions for professional photographers have been been rough during the past few years, with lower budgets for photo materials and so on. However, turns out that at least “Försvarets forum” is one of few magazines out there that still has its own photographers contracted.

This is probably one of the many success factors behind the magazine as it allows the creative process to take place in a more integrated, long-term and holistic way, instead of “just” buying photos and putting together something hasty.

Photo: black and white close-up from the inside of the magazine "Försvarets forum"

As a lover of both good journalism and printed media, initiatives like this makes me genuinly happy! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for “Försvarets forum” in this year’s edition of CMA.

Nerdy greetings & happy Friday!




Flow, thankfulness and juggling multiple roles

Ain’t it funny when you experience those ”mornings from hell”, get into a bad mood and sort of expect it to set the tone for the rest of your day as well? I definitely had one of THOSE mornings today.

There wasn’t really anything specific that happened. Just that it turned out to become a morning when nothing went according to plan. Just getting out of the house without interfering with myself almost seemed like a project – you get what I mean…

Photo: color image of bright, organge autum leaves on a path in the forestHowever, thankfully the day did not turn into a catastrophe. On the contrary. Instead (ironically!) I experienced one of the best work flows I’ve had in a very long time. I managed to just quietly shut down my thoughts, focus and get going. All of today’s to do’s got done. Even the boring ones, without putting to much emphasis on how I felt about doing them or overanalyzing the exact outcome of them. Hallelujah moment indeed!

Whether I would like it or not, my burnout last year is somehow always present in my mind. Not in such a way that it directly interfers with my work; it rather pops up during certain working processes when I notice that I’ve indeed changed so much as a person and how it’s affecting my ways of working today – compared to then.

Thus, there are really no proper words to express the thankfulness I experience during days like today when things just run smoothly and I experience a little bit of the good parts of my ”old” self. (I do not miss my unhealthy, no-boundries-workaholic-self at all).

Juggling multiple roles certainly comes with the job when you start your own business. However, a lot of times we tend to whine about the nasty and challenging parts of these roles and completely forget about the fun roles we juggle in life as well: consultant, writer, girlfriend, sister, friend, manager and so on.

Even though it’s a lot of hard work to do: I’m so incredible thankful for the freedom that comes with being my own. Being able to truly focus on the roles that excites me the most: marketing and communications, meeting and reaching out to new people, discussing business opportunities and unexpected collaborations. No boxes. No boundries. I love it!

What are you thankful for this Tuesday?



Have we completely lost it?

Phot: black and white image of a cute cat, looking a bit hyserical while hiding behind some flower pots.I swear to God that if one more of these “Preaching Wannabe A Unicorn Entrepreneur™” self help articles pops up in my feed, I will slowly strangle myself. It seems to me like 2018 became a year when we finally completely lost it. Social Media Collective Stupidity VS Human Intelligence: 1–0.

I’m going through my different social networks. As could be expected, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the worst at the moment, but the trend remain strong throughout all platforms. All I can feel is “Congratulations Gary V, Oleg, Branson & Company!”. Please don’t get me wrong: I’m sure that all of the above mentioned entrepreneurs are both very good at what they do, and nice people as well. I don’t have issues with them. But I do have issues with trying to understand the sheepish behaviour of their followers.

Maybe it’s the unstable times we’re living in that sort of forces this development upon us? When most things out there in the great wild world seems to be either about climate disasters, nuclear threaths and forest fires: why even bother anymore? Perhaps it’s just easier to go to church and get your daily dose of religion. Learn the 13 Things Only Successful People Do! Learn all about how Business Leader XYZ structures his time. Hint: yes, it will include one of those “get up at 04:30 and be done with everything by 9 a.m.” tips.

Forget about originality and integrity, just copy and adapt to someone else’s life concept instead.

I can’t of course point out exactly when all of this online stupidity escalated, but at some point, the large masses started to visit the Digital Church of Entrepreneurship and Success Stories™ for their daily preachings. And there they’ve stayed.

Maybe I’m just keeping bad company, but I can’t help but notice that more and more people around me have started to actually quote, spread and firmly seem to uncritically believe in various of these “success stories”. It’s as if it’s the religion of 2018. It’s just as if all of their common sense has completely left the building. And before you ask: No, I’m not talking about teenagers but actual adults. And no, neither am I talking about people in desperate need of education. On the contrary. And I worry about the effects when too many, once intelligent, grown ups start to spread this propaganda into our work places and public organisations.

Whatever happened to believing in your own values, trusting your own, unique experiences and beliefs? After all, you’ve got them for a reason. Based on what you’ve been through. Not based on what generated the most clicks for an Oleg, Branson or a Gary. Why would you need several strangers out there to tell you how to live your life and conduct your business? I’m desperately trying to understand this phenomenon as I seem to be the only one NOT wanting to play along in this little emperor’s new clothes game, i.e. ancient universal truths, wrapped in an updated package.

The emperor has been stripped so long in front of my eyes that I don’t think I can take it anymore. It’s just as if humankind has completely lost its intelligent mind.

As I’m a child of my generation (-86) as well as a product of my industry, I’m aware of the “danger” of publishing a post like this. It is certainly not in accordance with any global brand manual to post this kind of whining online for all search motors to index for all eternity.

Still I can’t help but wonder: where did all the grown ups go? Whatever happened to critical thinking? (Probably not snappy enough, nobody would know how to best adopt such a dinosaur idea into a juicy SEO package).

So yes indeed, I wonder: have we completely lost it?

I sincerely hope not.



Läsning för semestern – mina bästa tips

Varm, torr och soldränkt – juli är här. Vare sig du gillar det eller ej, nu går tempot ner då många av oss checkar ut samtidigt och försvinner på semester. Passa på att göra det bästa av den stillsammare lunken genom att dyka ner i en härlig bok! Här kommer mina bästa tips för sköna semesterdagar – en mix av skönlitterära pärlor, deckare och några managementklassiker.

Bild: pocketböcker på en soldränkt balkong

”Ängeln på sjunde trappsteget” av Frank McCourt – det här är en av mina mycket tummade favoritböcker som jag alltid återkommer till och läser om. En klassiker som aldrig blir uttjatad. ”Ängeln på sjunde trappsteget” var McCourts debut, en självbiografi om en tämligen eländig irländsk barndom, dock berättad med ett sådant fantastiskt och underhållande språk att den är helt omöjlig att lägga ifrån sig. Så belönades den också med Pulitzerpriset!

”4 timmars arbetsvecka: konsten att leva mer & jobba mindre” av Timothy Ferriss. Vad är väl bättre än att inleda din semester med lite av det där hederliga, berömda perspektivet på saker och ting? Rekommenderar den här boken för dig som ännu är lite småstressad och har svårt att komma ner i varv. Använd den som ett sätt att lura din hjärna att du fortfarande är lite produktiv så får den varva ner successivt innan du ger dig på andra böcker.

”Svensk maffia” av Lasse Wierup och Matti Larsson. Boken har förvisso över 10 år på nacken, men är i allra högsta grad fortsatt aktuell. En djupdykning i hur kriminaliteten i Sverige förändrats – utpressning, beställningsmord, tystade vittnen och mutor. Bakom utvecklingen av en ny typ av brottslighet står kriminella gäng som under ett decennium vuxit kraftigt i antal. Gedigen, dokumentär skildring när den är som bäst.

”The Art of War” av Sun Tzu. Det händer att mina vänner skrattar åt mig när jag envisas med att komma dragandes med något uråldrigt citat från den här ljuva lilla klassikern. ”The Art of War” är precis som titeln antyder kort och gott en bok om krigskonst och strategi. Fullproppad med taktiska knep och klokheter. Kanske lär du dig något du kan använda i höst när du ska tillbaks och tjafsa med kollegerna? Perfekt för hängmattan med ett glas single malt!

Foto: färgbild, stillebensporträtt med böcker och en vacker kaffekopp

Busters öronav Maria Ernestam. Att sortera under kategorin skönlitterära pärlor. Oförutsedda svängningar i en stark historia som porträtteras med synnerligen verbal spänst. Bladvändare.

”The 2018 Influencer Marketing Handbook” av Aron Levin (med team) på Relatable. Fick ett exemplar av den här på ett event nyligen. Till skillnad från stora delar av ”mumbo jumbo”-snacket om influencers därute är den här boken precis vad den utgör sig för att vara – lättbegriplig, konkret och hands on! Bra. Digital variant av boken hittar du här:

”Polis, polis, potatismos” av Maj Sjöwall och Per Wahlöö. Vad vore väl en sommar utan Stockholmspolisens klanterier, Gunvald Larssons italienska mockaloafers och Månssons envisa förkärlek för ”Gripenbergare”? Inget. Avnjut gärna Martin Becks trötta cynismer i valfri titel av Sjöwall & Wahlöö. Ultimat strandläsning.

”Ordets makt och vanmakt – mitt skrivande liv” av Jan Guillou. Jag blir sällan starstruck. Förutom när jag läser valfritt verk av Jan Guillou och bara har att kapitulera för avundsjukan och stjärnglansen. ”Ordets makt och vanmakt – mitt skrivande liv” är givetvis inget undantag. Underhållande och rappt så det förslår. Icke att förglömma: lärorikt.  Om den inte redan är det, så borde boken omgående bli obligatorisk kurslitteratur i svenska språket på samtliga lärosäten runtom i landet.

”En tryckare på Blue Moon Bar” av Hanna Hellquist. När en futtig krönika i DN lördag är på tok för kort – Hannas samlade krönikor och kåserier från 2003-2015. You’re welcome.

Foto: färgbild på en vacker solnedgång som ses genom att fönster.

”Så blir du framgångsrik – utan pengar, utan kontakter och med helt fel bakgrund” av Stefan Ekberg. Jag kommer inte längre ihåg när jag först upptäckte Stefan Ekberg och hans helt fantastiska förlag Redaktionen, men hans utgivning har hängt med mig länge nu. Jag gillar verkligen Stefans syn på livet och arbete och hur han kompromisslöst applicerar den i sin vardag och allt han tar sig för. Den här boken kommer du antagligen att vilja hetsläsa i ett sträck, men den funkar precis lika bra att ha som ”uppslagsverk” på skrivbordet när du kört fast i dina egna ursäkter och behöver en uppsträckning, konkreta tips och råd. Läs den som en ”cut your crap”-boost inför hösten!

”The Magic of Thinking Big” av David Schwarz. En hederlig, gammal amerikansk klassiker! Har några år på nacken så har överseende med att en del av exemplen kommer att få dig att flyga i luften, därmed inte sagt att den inte fortfarande fungerar utmärkt som vaccin när du blivit utsatt för en överdos Jante. Du kan med fördel plocka upp något kapitel och läsa någon Hallelujah-historia om kämpande försäljningschefer som lyckades se ljuset genom lite sund megalomani och kämparanda.

”Den tredje rösten” av Rolf Börjlind och Cilla Börjlind. Det är ett bra tag sedan jag läste den här boken nu. Minnet sviker mig, men eftersom jag gjort en fet notering i mina anteckningar om att det var en otroligt spännande och välskriven bok så får ni lov att lita på mina ord. Passa gärna på att värma upp med deras tidigare bok ”Springfloden”, som också gick som serie på SVT för något år sedan.


Hoppas att något av tipsen ska falla dig i smaken – önskar en riktigt skön semester!



Celebrations: The Birth Of My Business

After a couple of intense months, things are finally starting to come together! Last week, I got the final approvement needed from the Swedish authorities to be able to actually call myself ”business owner” now. Such a happy, yet freaky feeling for someone like me, who’s always been employed.

A bright color image of balloons on a bridge

Celebrations and some bright balloons are in order when you start your business, am I right or am I right? 😉

This week has been intense too, as I’ve been working hard on finalizing the details and the texts for my website. You would think that things would be easier when you’re working for yourself, being able to have the final say on everything, right? Ironically, it turns out that instead it’s the other way around. Or at least for me, a never ending Virgo born critic…

It certainly seems that for every text finished it’s possible to immidiately find a new one that requires attention and corrections. On the other hand – definitely not complaining as this is really something that I love to do! As of right now I will still have to have some patience before I officially ”launch” my website and this blog to a broader audidence, as I will need to sleep on some texts and details before hitting the ”go public” button.

Stay tuned though, as I’m not only excited to get my business started but also being back as a blogger! Primarily, my blog will be written in English as I have lots of English speaking peers and stakeholders in my network with whome I want to be able to discuss. Still, I am based in Stockholm so I think that there will be a mix between English and Swedish blog posts here as I most likely also will want to comment on current events within Sweden.

Welcome to my blog, hope you’ll enjoy spending time here with me!