Fully booked!

I don’t really understand how it happened, but somehow it seems I’ve managed to become fully booked now. September, October and as it looks like right now – also December.

The past few weeks I’ve had to say no to incoming business proposals. I must say it’s a weird, yet oddly satisfying feeling. One of my goals with my business has been to get to that fortunate place where people start coming to me, instead of being that newly started business contacting others for assignments and opportunities. And suddenly it happens!

I’m not naive to believe that this will last forever of course. However, I must say that I feel thankful right now for all of those ”dog years” I’ve previously done in the communications industry. I don’t know how many frustrating projects I’ve been involved in as an employee. Projects where someone else ”stole the thunder” while I ended up as the cleaner, the coordinator, doing all of the shitty, boring things and tasks.

The good thing about that? Turns out I’m pretty stubborn. And persistant! Turns out I can use those years to my advantage. While I still have many days when I struggle with my burnout recovery and my self hate, I’m proud to say that I still show up. I make sure things get done. Of course things fail sometimes, but then I try to handle it as good as I can. Be frank, own up to my mistakes, say ”Sorry, this one’s on me, I will try to do my best to fix it”. I may be down and low some days but I remind myself that that’s just life and recovery.

And so I’ve kept showing up. Day after day, week after week. I’ve done something to move forward and closer to my goals every day. And in the end, now it’s payed off. Thus, in case there’s still somebody out there reading this blog, I wanted to let you know that I will take a little break from blogging as I just don’t have the time for it right now.

Until next time, take care of yourself. And by the way, remember to keep pushing forward, even when it feels like you’re moving in a lump of glue….


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