W.33/2019: Vacation blues, binaural beats & a movie premiere

How’s your getting back to work/routines-routines going so far? Over here, well, perhaps not exactly as I had pictured it. I hate the expression babysteps. Yet, I have to admit that’s what I’ve spent part of my week doing. Two steps forward, three steps back…  Having had three extremely well needed vacations weeks myself, most of them spent offline, getting back to work, routines and that dear old digital life again this week has been…well, eh, not so smooth!

Shifting between work tasks, locations and different types of work flows has always been hard for me. Since as long as I can remember, I’ve always prefered an uninterrupted amount of work hours, preferably DAYS, if I get to choose. However, that’s not always the case and this week indeed turned out to include both some rapid changes from my customers as well as unexpected drama in my private life.

Thus, today’s Thursday and I’ve intended to sit down and put down a couple of lines since Monday but just haven’t gotten to it. What I have been doing though is to feel like I’m all over the place – and when not all over the place on the go somewhere or running to catch a train or metro.

Also, I’ve been very restless. Restless and bored at the same time. I think that must be my signature feeling? Although, I do know why the feeling evolve and what I need to do to handle it. It takes time but I’m learning to sit with it. To stick with it. To wait it out. I’m working on telling myself that everything does not need to be either 180 % or then there’s just 0 %, but this is still hard for me. Splitting up tasks day by day is of course something I do, but I always have to calm my brain and try to avoid to chew all of the pieces at once.

Anyways, enough about that. I’ve made it through the week so far, even if it’s been a slow start. Today I took the train back to Stockholm and hallelujah, I feel like I finally got the hang off things again! Mostly thanks to dusting off my old new age/brainwashing playlist with binaural beats, that is: gamma brainwaves. I’m aware that it might sound like complete rubbish, but let me testify that once (if) you can only get over the initial, creepy feeling of getting brainwashed, this playlist really does the trick to calm and focus an overactive, overreacting brain.

Thanks to this playlist, I was finally able to pull my focus together. Hopefully, I’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of productive hours now before I head of to the screening of my friend Mike’s new movie, which premieres tonight. I’ve been involved in the screenwriting process by proofreading and providing advice on how to develop the script further, so now I’m excited to take a look at the results!



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