New clients, persistance & perfection

I just got a request for a new and exciting consulting assignment starting from autum 2019. (Fingers’ still crossed though, as we’ve of course yet to discuss and finalize the details prior to entering an agreement). However, as I was asked about this consulting assignment pretty much completely out of the blue and from a new connection of mine, I’ve thought a lot about this persistance vs perfection thing lately.

Aiming for perfection (which probably will never occur) or just swallow your pride, worries and questions some days and keep going. Being persistant. Believe that also tiny steps can create magic and gain the recognition you need. 

Plus: of course the 10,000 dollar question about how to invest your time most wisely as a business owner and consultant? 

I think it’s fair to say that my business really took off in desired direction this spring. Thus, I’ ve had to prioritize my time strictly the last few months. Rather than trying to come up with topics you might want to read about here, I’ve been out there starting things, solving issues and as a result learned new things.

Obviously, it’s the right thing to do – a happy and satisfied customer will always be the best marketing for you. As a single business owner though – you always have to think much, much further and reflect upon you current risk levels as well. For example: What happens if one of your biggest clients go through changes and your contract suddenly ends?

Will I then have invested enough time to maintain a healthy and relevant network that I can turn to? Also, will I have had the persistance to keep myself going, to create content and keep my own channels updated as well? Have I put myself out there enough? After all – results take time. They rarely show up exactly the moment you wish for them. 

I still abstain, or at least try to, from publishing things just for the sake of publishing updates. Thus, the updates so far 2019 have perhaps been more personal reflections upon business development, daily struggles or challenges that I’ve experienced along the way. Although my inner critic may have strong opinions about this, I’ve also continuously been getting so much positive and unexpected feedback about this. Turns out, quite many of us are tired of striving for perfection and reading about others trying to maintain a perfect image. 

One connection of mine whom I met at a dinner told me he indeed found my story very inspirational. Another connection booked a lunch with me as her ”inspirational person meeting of the month”. Very weird for me to get used to, as I don’t consider myself any role model whatsoever. I’ve just followed my intuition and started to change my life as I want to live it. That’s all. 

I’m not trying to preach a constant ”too much information” approach here. Obviously, it’s still wise to think through what you say before you say it but in the end – a little bit of honesty, personality and own ethics sure goes a long way. 


This is btw my last working week this summer. After finishing a heavy load of translations this week I look forward to hanging out by the pool next week!

Hope you’re off to a good holiday too, wherever you choose to spend it. I’ll be back in business again on August 12th. Talk to you again then! 







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