Konsultrapporten H2 2018

Is there anything better than seeing the results of your efforts? I doubt it! During the past months, I’ve been heavily involved in my client Brainville’s reoccurring report ”Konsultrapporten”. Thus, it was very fun that we finally got to release it this week and start distributing it.

In case you’re not already familiar with Brainville, the short-short version is that Brainville is the leading marketplace for consultants and consulting assignments in the Nordic region. So if you’re a freelancer looking for interesting assignments – probably tired of trying to find decent clients on your own – just head to www.brainville.com to register your own profile and get started!

As I always have a love-hate-relationship with my work, I have to admit that I’ve historically been very bad at celebrating the results I’ve been contributing to. I haven’t really had it in me to do that sometimes necessary ”humble bragging”, which I think anyone ever involved in a well executed project should do.

Why? Well, that’s a good question. I guess it’s because I tend to get a little bit too involved in my work and loose the perspective. Combine that with a very critical mind and voilá: while I’m busy working and writing I typically can’t stand my own writing. In order to be able to appreciate it, there need to be some water under the bridge first. Except this time then. I decided to work on my own negative patterns and at least share a couple of snapshots from the report with you.

If you’ve read my blog for a while or followed my on any of my Instagram accounts, you might remember that I’ve mentioned my desire to write more as one of the reasons behind starting Ambaurora. Hence, I was very glad to get the chance to get my hands down and dirty with Konsultrapporten! In this edition of the report, we’ve heavily increased the editorial material. The report includes interviews with several freelancers as well as with interesting industry profiles. I’m no journalist, but working in an editorial role and setting is something I very much enjoy, so I look forward to continue deeper on that path going forward.




Snapshots from Konsultrapporten H2 2018

Interview with Anna Möller, the impressive founder and CEO of PeopleProvide


Lacking motivation? Just catch up on Konsultrapporten and get some tips on how to quickly improve your freelancing skills!


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