Have we completely lost it?

Phot: black and white image of a cute cat, looking a bit hyserical while hiding behind some flower pots.I swear to God that if one more of these “Preaching Wannabe A Unicorn Entrepreneur™” self help articles pops up in my feed, I will slowly strangle myself. It seems to me like 2018 became a year when we finally completely lost it. Social Media Collective Stupidity VS Human Intelligence: 1–0.

I’m going through my different social networks. As could be expected, LinkedIn is undoubtedly the worst at the moment, but the trend remain strong throughout all platforms. All I can feel is “Congratulations Gary V, Oleg, Branson & Company!”. Please don’t get me wrong: I’m sure that all of the above mentioned entrepreneurs are both very good at what they do, and nice people as well. I don’t have issues with them. But I do have issues with trying to understand the sheepish behaviour of their followers.

Maybe it’s the unstable times we’re living in that sort of forces this development upon us? When most things out there in the great wild world seems to be either about climate disasters, nuclear threaths and forest fires: why even bother anymore? Perhaps it’s just easier to go to church and get your daily dose of religion. Learn the 13 Things Only Successful People Do! Learn all about how Business Leader XYZ structures his time. Hint: yes, it will include one of those “get up at 04:30 and be done with everything by 9 a.m.” tips.

Forget about originality and integrity, just copy and adapt to someone else’s life concept instead.

I can’t of course point out exactly when all of this online stupidity escalated, but at some point, the large masses started to visit the Digital Church of Entrepreneurship and Success Stories™ for their daily preachings. And there they’ve stayed.

Maybe I’m just keeping bad company, but I can’t help but notice that more and more people around me have started to actually quote, spread and firmly seem to uncritically believe in various of these “success stories”. It’s as if it’s the religion of 2018. It’s just as if all of their common sense has completely left the building. And before you ask: No, I’m not talking about teenagers but actual adults. And no, neither am I talking about people in desperate need of education. On the contrary. And I worry about the effects when too many, once intelligent, grown ups start to spread this propaganda into our work places and public organisations.

Whatever happened to believing in your own values, trusting your own, unique experiences and beliefs? After all, you’ve got them for a reason. Based on what you’ve been through. Not based on what generated the most clicks for an Oleg, Branson or a Gary. Why would you need several strangers out there to tell you how to live your life and conduct your business? I’m desperately trying to understand this phenomenon as I seem to be the only one NOT wanting to play along in this little emperor’s new clothes game, i.e. ancient universal truths, wrapped in an updated package.

The emperor has been stripped so long in front of my eyes that I don’t think I can take it anymore. It’s just as if humankind has completely lost its intelligent mind.

As I’m a child of my generation (-86) as well as a product of my industry, I’m aware of the “danger” of publishing a post like this. It is certainly not in accordance with any global brand manual to post this kind of whining online for all search motors to index for all eternity.

Still I can’t help but wonder: where did all the grown ups go? Whatever happened to critical thinking? (Probably not snappy enough, nobody would know how to best adopt such a dinosaur idea into a juicy SEO package).

So yes indeed, I wonder: have we completely lost it?

I sincerely hope not.


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