10 reasons to contract me

Hate decision making? Do you find it tricky to compare and evaluate similar services and suppliers? Been there, done that myself…Since I know from my own experience how frustrating it can be sometimes to navigate oneself through the rich fauna of consultants out there – here’s 10 reasons why you just might decide to contract me.


1: Less talk, more action
I’ve chosen to put “CEO | Doer | Writer”on my business cards. There are good reasons for it – one of my most distinctive features is indeed my ability to make things happen. Simple as that. I’m sure you’ve experienced it many times yourself,  that is: meeting those people who just never seem to stop talking. They talk, and talk and talk about everything that should be done, but then end up talking so much that there’s never any time left for the actual execution. I’m not one of them. On the contrary.

One of my strongest driving forces is indeed the need to be able to execute work. I don’t suffer from ”titles disease”, so, whether you want to hire me as a writer, communications manager, strategic adivisor or project manager I will make sure that ideas are put into action and that the assignment will be finished.


2: I actually like to work
I’ve got a strategic approach to all of my work, however, I love to be working hands on! I never want to stop working on the craftsmanship parts of communications. Seems like a weird thing to highlight? Perhaps. However, in my experience this is unfortunately not always a matter of course for everyone. If you are working together with me, I will be focused on the assignment. I’m happy to hand over the meeting marathons with your management team to you, but should you need any help with your presentation material or analysis prior to those meetings – then you’re very welcome to get in touch.


3: Good linguistic knowledge
I’m born and raised in Ostrobothnia, Finland. I am a Finnish Swede, meaning I am part of the minority in Finland that has Swedish as its mother tongue. I’ve lived in Stockholm, Sweden, since 2009, where I’ve also studied communications management and Swedish. I’ve got a Bachelor’s degree in Swedish. However, working in an international environment is something I truly enjoy. I love to speak and write in English, and I always strive to further improve my business English. The past two years I’ve also had the convenience of working with communications in an international environment, all the time with English as my working language.


4: Experienced writer with stilistic abilities
I’m a skilful writer, used to adapting texts and messages for many different purposes and target groups. My experience includes listed companies as well as privately owned companies and I am for example used to always producing two language versions, translating most material on my own. I’m also skilled in the art of writing urgent text genres such as press releases, Q&A’s, web texts, articles and the like – with well preserved quality.


5: Honesty and integrity
Honesty and integrity is the alpha and omega in all of my work. For example, whether under NDA or not, it is a given for me to always handle information confidentially and carefully as well as always being honest in my dialogue with you as a customer. Even when the truth hurts.


6: Genuine commitment
I only take on assignments that I feel a genuine engagement for and where I am convinced that my experiences can contribute to the results in a positive way. I reserve the right to decline assignments that do not comply with my values, or where the personal chemistry does not work.


7: Media and social media
I’ve got extensive experience of proactive as well as re-active media activities and media relations. I’ve also got very good knowledge about challenges and possibilities of modern digital media landscapes as well as a deep interest in journalism and a natural ”news” approach in my initiatives.


8: In case of crisis
The past few years’ work have given me unique experiences of managing crises. As of right now, I do not take on any assignments as a direct counterpart towards the media, but should you need a second opinion or ”hands-on” help behind the scenes, it’s highly likely that I might be able to help you out.


9: Keep calm – Call ”Mommy Malin”
Previous colleagues of mine use to describe me as ”a rock”, simply put: someone that you can trust even when the going gets tough. I’m often jokingly called ”Mommy Malin” by the people who have worked together with me for a while.

What can I say…I would perhaps have prefered my nickname to be something cooler (!) too, but I’m still proud of my inner ”Mommy Malin”! I have a very strong, natural drive to take responsibility, organise and lead work forward. I also care deeply about the people I work together with and/or around in the working processes and want them to feel good as well.


10: Qualitative approach
I value quality and I always set high requirements when it comes to my own deadlines and deliveries. When applicable, I also try to apply a sustainability approach in my work. When it comes to the hands-on work, this can for example mean writing a timeless text that works longer for you than just a few years, and/or in conjunction with project management making sure that important insights from the working process are documented and can be passed on internally in order for you to reduce the dependecy on specific persons within your organisation.