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Texts, corporate communications or communication initiatives causing you headaches right now? Got an organisational issue you don’t know how to solve or talk about? Want a communications professional you can trust by your side to sort out the puzzle?

Let me help you get rid of the pain. Please feel free to reach out to me on or call me on +46(0)70-213 2234 and we’ll start sorting things out together, and put them into proper perspective.


Who am I to talk then? And why on earth would you listen?

Well. First of all: A nerdy bookworm by heart, I’m very passionate about writing, creating and helping corporations boost their business with clever communications solutions. Lucky for you if we were to work together, I also happen to be senior and cynical enough to be able to rely on a lot of ”been there, done that” experiences, deep knowledge, fast fingers and functioning routines instead of pure passion. (I find that this comes in pretty handy, especially on Monday mornings).

Secondly, I’ve got a firm belief that corporate bullshit can (and should!) be avoided and that it indeed is possible to communicate with heart and soul, even when representing a large corporation or organisation. If you’re here right now, reading this, you know just as well as I do that it’s of course so much easier said than done.

However, perhaps you’re getting fed up with posting, publishing and pushing out corporate clichés every week? Perhaps you’re frustrated that results are lacking and you just can’t seem to frame the actual problem? Maybe you’d like to get some perspective on things and get an honest external opinion? If that’s the case, then you know where to find me now.

Last but not least, I’m the founder and CEO of Ambaurora Communications. Please don’t misinterpret my use of the CEO title here as it’s due to Ambaurora being a ”one woman show” rather then getting a fancy title to put on my business card. Let me tell you one thing: I’m just as happy to be the CEO as I am being the doer, runner, project manager, writer and getting my hands dirty and getting shit done.

I’m able to help you out with a broad scope within communications, but as writing, content and corporate communications are the areas closest to my heart and mind, these are the ones I currently specialize in.

By the way, congratulations for making it this far! In case you’re still curious (or just like killing time before your bus arrives), I’ve saved you your most FBI inspired Google searches and provided my background story below as well. Just scroll down. (You’re welcome).


Once upon a time, there was that man who stole the hamburger

As much as I would like to avoid ever including the word ”hamburger” on my website: I can’t. Because it all actually started with a man who stole a hamburger.

Sort of.

The year was 1993, and the so called ”editorial team” was located in my girl room, lumbered with press clippings, crayons and glue. The ”Hamburger thief” story certainly never won me any Pulitzer prize, but my drive to write and create was already born then and there.

I learned to read and write very early.  Since then, I’ve continued to love a good text, well produced drama and stories of all kinds: the thought flows, the raw material, the fine tuning of the writing – not to mention the delight of unrestrainedly diving into huge amounts of text and learning something new!

Playing  with words is not only my favourite hobby – nowadays it’s what I get paid to do.

The years have passed, my repertoire has broadened. The crayons have now been replaced by a digital newsroom, but I’m still driving my production efforts with lots of passion, dedication and childish energy.

I’m a Finnish Swede, born and raised in Ostrobothnia, Finland. I’m currently living and working in Stockholm, where I’ve been active within the corporate communications area for the past few year, as in-house Communications Managers as well as PR consultant and project manager at Sweden’s largest PR bureau. I won’t bore you with all of the details here, so please visit me on LinkedIn instead for a fully updated CV.

Ambaurora Communications was founded by me in 2018. I’ve always known that at some point in my life, I’d run something on my own. After five years within the communications industry, I decided it was about time and so on a sunny day in May: Ambaurora Communications was born!

I’m excited to keep writing, communicating, leading and producing – but now on my own terms and finding ways to benefit both productivity, great results and sustainable well-being at work.

PS. Under ”Services” you’ll find more information about what kind of assignments we could work together on. All my latest updates can of course also be found in my blog. See you around!